Increase workspace and safety!
Our customers love how our patented shelves expand their workstation up to (36 ) inches. They will keep solvent in their machine instead of spilling onto the floor or running down community drains. It's a simple idea that saves time, effort, and money in supplying the automotive and industrial parts cleaning business with an efficient tool that improves the environment of the work place.
Built to last for years of reliable service
. Solvent and filters included
. 30 Gallon drum included
. 30 gallon capacity
. 32 L x 24 W x 7 1/12 D Inside Tank
. Meet 0.75 freeboard requirements
. Galvanized drawn steel tank
. Not to be used with chlorinated solvents
. Durable baked on powder coated epoxy finish
. Heavy-duty pump
. Single on/off switch for pump and light kit
. For use with petroleum solvents with a flash point over 100 degree F.
. Stay Put flexible metal hose directs and holds power rinse where you want it
. Flow-thru brush with flexible hose for manual cleaning
. Spring loaded door closure with 165 degree F. fusible link
. Expanded work-station up to 36 with double shelves
Speedy Clean  &  Marlin Leasing
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It is so refreshing to have someone and a company that takes a real interest in our business. We think the drain trays are awesome.
General Manager, Management Systems Inc.
We have opened our second location. The Gold Star System was at the top of our new equipment list.
Mike, Tunex Ogden, Utah
Good idea, why didn t I think of it. It provides added safety for our business.
Roger Jones, Manager Engine Repair

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